Saturday, October 19, 2019

Compare and contrast your expectations of college to the reality you Essay

Compare and contrast your expectations of college to the reality you have expierenced..describe both imagined and real expierenc - Essay Example University life is not just challenging and full of responsibilities expected to be completed on time but also presents an interesting social life to every student. One can meet a lot of people whom he/she could get along with, not to mention, learn from, not only with regards scholastic related topics but those that help widen an individual’s foresight as well. This information learned from outside the four walls of the classroom sometimes are even more valuable because they teach practical lessons, first hand experiences that open someone’s understanding to another level. As expected, papers and a lot of reading are parts of a student’s everyday life so that this did not present any problem but has actually encouraged this writer to be ready to whatever should be expected from the modern American student. It sure makes a person wholly developed when he accepts the challenges of university life because the mind is not the only aspect improved but includes the so cial, psychological and even physical aspect with the various activities opened to all students regardless of race or sex.

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