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Tragedy And The Common Man By Arthur Miller - 2260 Words

In his essay â€Å"Tragedy and the Common Man† Arthur Miller redefines the genre of tragedy and the tragic hero. Miller defines a tragedy as a person struggling against an injustice in the world around him to, which he responds forcefully. Miller states that the â€Å"wound from which the inevitable events spiral is the wound of indignity, and its dominant force is indignation† (144). The wound originates from the injustice in the environment, but it is perceived by the character as an â€Å"indignation† or other forms of outrage. Ultimately, the struggle of the character leads to that character’s downfall, and also reveals the nature of injustice as being insurmountable by the individual. Miller writes that the character’s â€Å"destruction in the attempt [to evaluate himself justly] posits a wrong or an evil in his environment† (145). Therefore, Miller idea of tragedy stems not from the flaws within the character, but from the flaws within the environment in which he or she lives that the character rails against, but is never able to overcome. Tragic heroes, according to Miller, actively and entirely commits themselves in a hopeless attempt to attain or regain their personal dignity. Miller states, â€Å"the tragic feeling is evoked in us when we are in the presence of a character who is ready to lay down his life, if need be, to secure one thing--his sense of personal dignity† (144). This statement emphasizes the absence of â€Å"personal dignity† that the character seeks to gain or regain, and itShow MoreRelatedTragedy And The Common Man By Arthur Miller1675 Words   |  7 PagesIn Arthur Miller’s Essay entitled â€Å"Tragedy and the Common Man,† the author states, â€Å"I believe that the common man is as apt a subject for tragedy in his highest sense as kings were.† (Miller 14) The author deems that each individual had tragedies particularly the common man who dealt with it in his lifetime. He contends that tragedy possibly will also depict ordinary people in domestic surroundings. M iller had a new view of tragedy in which he saw tragic experience as impartial of widespread ethicalRead MoreTragedy and Common Man by Arthur Miller1559 Words   |  7 PagesTragedy and the Common Man by Arthur Miller In this age few tragedies are written. It has often been held that the lack is due to a paucity of heroes among us, or else that modern man has had the blood drawn out of his organs of belief by the skepticism of science, and the heroic attack on life cannot feed on an attitude of reserve and circumspection. For one reason or another, we are often held to be below tragedy-or tragedy above us. The inevitable conclusion is, of course, that the tragic modeRead MoreQuest For Literary Form : The Greeks Believed That The Tragedy1742 Words   |  7 PagesGreeks believed that the tragedy was the greatest form of drama, and Aristotle’s concept of tragedy followed this belief. In the modern times, there has been a change in this view with various authors abandoning the classical form to follow more liberal forms of literacy. (Kennedy Gioia, Pp. 1203) Aristotle s Concept of Tragedy The analysis of Aristotle on tragedy formed the guideline for later poets in the Western civilization. Aristotle defined tragedy as â€Å"the simulation ofRead MoreTragedy and the Common Man1191 Words   |  5 PagesArticle â€Å"Tragedy and the Common Man† In Arthur Miller’s essay â€Å"Tragedy and the Common Man,† Miller mentions tragedy as man’s struggle to gain his â€Å"rightful† position in his society, and whoever that character may be—king or common man—that character is eventually brought down by his or her tragic flaws and that’s what makes that character a tragic hero. In the past, there have been many tragic heroes which can relate to Arthur Miller’s essay â€Å"Tragedy and the Common Man,† in bothRead MoreWilly Loman, the Modern Hero in Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman1739 Words   |  7 Pages In Arthur Miller’s essay â€Å"Tragedy and the Common Man†, a picture is painted of a â€Å"flaw-full† man, known as the modern hero of tragedies. Miller describes what characteristics the modern tragic hero possesses and how he differs from the heroes depicted by classic Greek playwrights such as Sophocles and Aristotle. In order to understand how drastically the modern hero has evolved, one must first understand the basic characteristics that the heroes created by Sophocles and Aristotle encompass. TheRead MoreExamples Of Everyday Tragedy732 Words   |  3 PagesEveryday Tragedy When a person thinks of tragedy the thing that flows to mind is death and destruction. Even though this way of thinking is valid, there are several ways to analyze the concept of tragedy. Tragedy is when one suffers an unexpected punishment that has merged together through ones actions. Arthur Miller believes that tragedy can happen to any type of person if youre rich or if youre poor, no matter what, it can happen to all of us. Arthur shows this to us in the book Death of aRead More Analysis of veiwpoints on tragedy Essay864 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis of veiwpoints on tragedy The question of what defines tragedy has been an issue addressed by several different literary minds since the day of Aristotle, the first person to define tragedy. When Aristotle first defined tragedy he believed tragedy was something reserved for a person of noble stature. He said this person was eventually brought down by a tragic flaw, hence the term tragedy. Robert Silverberg agrees with Aristotle’s views on tragedy, but other authors don’t acceptRead More Death of a Salesman is a Tragedy as Defined in Millers Tragedy and the Common Man1046 Words   |  5 PagesDeath of a Salesman is a Tragedy as Defined in Millers Tragedy and the Common Man In Tragedy and the Common Man, Arthur Miller discusses his definition and criteria for tragedy as they apply to the common man. The criteria and standards proposed by Miller may be used to evaluate his timeless work, Death of A Salesman. The first major standard of tragedy set forth is:   â€Å"...if the exaltation of tragic action were truly a property of the high-bred character alone, it is inconceivable thatRead MoreConventions of Tragedy in A View From The Bridge By Arthur Miller1100 Words   |  5 PagesConventions of Tragedy in A View From The Bridge By Arthur Miller Arthur Miller manipulates his characters and uses literary devices to effectively convey to the audience the trajectory of Eddie Carbone and his flaws of misconduct in the play, A View From The Bridge. He uses all the conventions of a modern tragedy adequately to help arouse sympathy, suspense and fear from the audience at significant intervals of the playRead MoreA Survey of Tragedy984 Words   |  4 PagesA Survey of Tragedy A modern tragedy of today and a tragedy of ancient Greece are two very different concepts, but ironically, both are linked by many similarities. In â€Å"Poetics†, Aristotle defines and outlines tragedy for theatre in a way that displays his genius, but raises questions and creates controversy. Aristotle’s famous definition of tragedy states: â€Å"A tragedy is the imitation of an action that is serious, and also as having magnitude, complete in itself in language with pleasurable accessories

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Hispanic Ethnicity And The Latino Population - 1370 Words

Introduction Latinos are considered an American community of considerable diversity of culture, race, ethnic, and national origin. It is a community on the forefront of significant demographic change and sociopolitical growth (Appleby, G.A., Colon, E., Hamilton, J., 2011). Latinos in the United States are diverse, and collectively the second largest ethnic minority population in the country (Vigil, 1996). Culture represents a way of life that binds Latinos together through their language, values, beliefs, and practices that are considered appropriate and desirable within the Latino population. Their population is an aggregation of several subgroups such as Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central and South American and Dominicans. It has†¦show more content†¦The Latino population is on the average eight years younger than that of Whites and two years than African Americans (Appleby, G.A., Colon, E., Hamilton, J., 2011). B. Strengths and Resources Family life is important to Latino family interests are valued over individual well-being (Latinos, 2014). The structure of the Latino family tends to be patriarchal with great power and responsibility vested in the male head of household. The family is viewed as the focal point of mutual aid in the Latino community, based on the cultural norm of personalismo and the non-familial organizations are not generally trusted. Latinos depend more on the family for services, emotional support and advice than they do professionals. In the Latino culture, la familia (the family) and interdependence among its members are highly valued (Appleby, G.A., Colon, E., Hamilton, J., 2011). C. Life Experiences Human behavior is affected both by genetic inheritance and by experience. The ways in which people develop are shaped by social experience and circumstances within the context of their inherited genetic potential. Each person is born into a social and cultural setting – family, community, social class, language, religion, and eventually develops many social connections. The class into which people are born affects what language, diet, tastes, and interests the will have as children and therefore

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GFI Executive Report Free Essays

Gracie Fay International (GIF) has an art to understand their abilities to record, classify, and summarize their financial, but they are lacking the understanding of their cost accounting systems, product costs for production of took balls, specific job order cost for special order products, and their cost information on the two models of pitching machines, which all of these areas are not being Justify on how Important cost accounting is too growing company Like GIF. These four areas will be explored In more detail in order to shed light on each activity, which will ensure that GIF Is asking a profit, correct decisions, and recognizes any corrections that need to me made. GIF must understand that cost accounting Is an Important function In their corporate strategy. We will write a custom essay sample on GFI Executive Report or any similar topic only for you Order Now Cost accounting Is known as managerial, or management accounting, which It provides economic, and financial Information In making decision for the company. Its mall objective is to provide information In ladling management to plan, direct, and control operations. It also improves these controls by supplying data on the cost incurred to each manufacturing department. The skill sets that I have will enhance GIF on many levels, and they include; full knowledge of purchasing policies, processes, and procedures, balance and reconcile records, able to research and resolve unbalance issues, have strong technical skills, solid decision making skills, and the ability to exercise independent Judgment, prioritize and plan, work activities efficiently to meet deadlines, work as a team or independently, detailed oriented, excellent oral and written communication skills, and strong mathematical skills. Cost management is used to plan, and control the company’s decision process, in which reduce cost would be lower, and product value would increase for customers. It provides information that ensures management makes short, and long term decisions no matter what kinds of materials are being used, changes in plant process, or in product design. Management would make these kind of decision to increase short term profits, and Improve the long term position of the company. There are three cost system that are used for manufacturing operations; Job order cost system, Process cost systems, and Activity based (BBC). Job order Is used to reduce products for specific orders, and It estimates the costs with producing the goods for different Jobs (Atkinson et. Al. 2005 p. 79) Process costing Is often used by companies that operate using continuous processing. This type of system applies the costs of production, labor and support actively as the goods pass through the different process stages. (Atkinson et al, 2005, p. 92-94) BBC has a two stages, the first stage Is cost Is allocated to pools, and the second stage Is the cost pools are allocated to products, or services. (Edmonds et al, 2006, p. 33). These septets include understanding the difference between manufacturing, and non manufacturing costs, computing the cost of manufacturing a product, indemnifying cost behavior when it comes to utilizing cost volume profit relationships, setting prices, budgeting, controls, and capital when it comes to the company’s strategies. Transform raw materials into finished product, and the cost consist of basic materials, and components, labor, and factory overhead in order to complete a finished product. The material, and labor is classified as direct, or indirect to the finished product. To explain direct material, it is taking major components, which can be traced to the finished product. It counts these components carefully, because of the significance to the product, for example take a lawn mower its major components are the engine, wheels, and handle, but the indirect materials is those minor items like screws, nuts, bolts, washers, and lubricants, which is accounted for as factory overhead. Cost accounting also includes direct labor costs, which is all labor costs for specific work performed on products that can be conveniently and economically raced too product unit. Factory overhead is all factory costs that are indirectly related with the finished inventory. When it comes to cost behavior, the costs do not change in total, even when the product numbers increase, or decrease, and is considers to be fixed cost, an example would be rent. Other cost that a factory may incur would be known as non manufacturing cost, which includes selling, administrative, and financing costs that are deducted as expenses from the sales revenues. The manufacturing production process includes, Job shops, batch flows, etc. Which help determine the type of product cost system the company may utilize. It is understood that when making a decision its best to use estimation of costs, but management must have a good idea on how costs behave. There are several methods that management could use; the high low method, or the least square regression. When a company is setting prices there is one approach to think about, that would be the cost plus pricing. Then the company can apply the proper markup given the competitive market conditions, and other factors, like target selling price. In equines a budget aids in planning, and controlling of the company. Master budgets consist of operating, and financial budgets. The operating budget forecast sales, while financial budget is based on data from income statement. Let not forget that budgetary control is needed, this process compares actual operating results, and to identify problem areas in order to correct the issues. In conclusion cost accounting provides products, or services that greatly benefit Gaffs management team in many areas such as, competition, downsizing, or expanding globally, therefore GIF must understand that without cost accounting in their business plan the company may not be able to expand their activities, remain profitable or improve its competitive standing. Art 2 Product Cost Variable Fixed Direct Electricity x Real Estate Taxes x Indirect Leather to tie wood together Manufacturing Labor Water x Lubricants for Machinery Equipment depreciation Electricity, and Water- is manufacturing, variable cost, because the business depends on electricity, and when sales have increased it creates more demand for more product. Real Esta te Taxes, and Equipment depreciation- is fixed, because it remains instant within a relevant range of volume, or activity. How to cite GFI Executive Report, Papers

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E-Voting System In Bangladesh

Question: Describe about the Problems Faced By E-Voting System In Bangladesh Due To Lack Of Proper Management? Answers: Introduction Electronic Voting System is one of the emerging technological developments that can be viewed in most part of the world. It has been seen that E-voting system is adopted by the western country that removes the problem of corruption and fraud in voting. In recent years Bangladesh has also implemented the E-voting system to reduce the problems faced in the last elections. But the system itself is not the only solution to the problems faced by the government and the voting system of the country. The management team also needs to execute the plans for implementing the e-voting system in the country. This report is based on analyzing the problems faced by the management teams for implementing a proper E-Voting system in Bangladesh. Project Background IT projects highly depends on management team for implementing the entire system. Management and administrative department is the main people on whom the entire project depends on. The entire project depends on the capabilities of the management people. It is important to see how the management team takes care of the project for proper execution of the plans. As Bangladesh government wants a fare voting system, it is important for the government to check the registration system for voters. In a democratic country it is important to consider the public voting for determining the government of the country (Bangladesh voting project nears completion, 2008). But the government fails to meet the criteria of fare voting because the voting system in Bangladesh is earlier days were based totally on paper works and no electronic evidence were kept on who is voting and from were. To execute the problems the EVM system implemented by Bangladesh government but still there are some issues that ne eds to be considered while implementing the E-Voting system by the management team. This project talks about the problems that the E-voting system faces due to lack of proper administration and management techniques (Sarker and Uddin, 2014). Identify One Issue The most important problem that needs to be considered is that each person votes single time to exclude the problem of corruption and fraud through the E-voting system. This is the problem of communication that occurs among the members of the Voting committee that uses the system. It is the major issue that the government faces to stop fraudulent in e-voting system (Faisal, Hossain and Bhuiyen, 2014). The major problem that the management team faces or the technique that the government lacks in implementing a proper E-voting system is the communication technique. It is the main failure of the government. It is the most important problem issue that needs to be considered while implementing proper IT technique of voting. The government needs to develop a system that will help to know whether a person has voted or not, whether the citizen is voting on his behalf or whether or not the person has casted his or her own vote. A proper communication plan is the most important aspect that mus t be looked after while implementing an IT project plan. Without a proper communicational strategy a project cannot be developed and implemented to meet the requirement of the users. Research Question The major research question around which the entire hypothesis revolves is how communicational problems affect the E-voting System in Bangladesh? Some other questions that also needed to be answered in this research are: Is the communication strategy major failure for poor voting system in Bangladesh? What problems the system actually faces? How can these problems overcome? Research Objectives The hypothesis is done on the problems faced by the voting committee in properly using the EVM technology to remove the fraud in vote casting in Bangladesh. The main objective of the research is to know the loop holes of the voting committee in their communicational strategy and find proper solution for excluding the problems (Nasreen, 2003). It is important for the management to know the exact problems that can occur with the system and find out proper solution for the problems. Here, the proposal deals with the issue that the report is going to discuss as a whole. As it is known that the voting committee is not able to properly register the voters and check their identity while conducting the votes because all this procedures are done manually there occurs the problem of communication among the voting committee members. Though the records are kept electronically but the inputs are done manually while conducting votes (Schuessler, 1969). The research studies the problems faced in th e E-Voting system in Bangladesh due to the lack of proper communication among the members of the voting committee, and how can this problems be solved. Strategy of Research For conducting a research it is important to make plans and develop strategy to collect data and information on the given topic (Davenport, 1967). In this research two different methods will be used to collect data and information. The first and foremost strategy that is followed in this research is survey that is conducted with the help of studying internet sources (Sarker and Islam, 2013). To complete the research work a survey will be conducted with the help of questionnaires that will be asked to common people through social networking sites. The questions will contains the detail of the situations faced in the e-voting system of Bangladesh and people will be asked that what they think about the communication problem faced by the voting committee for implementing the e-voting system in the country. The second method used in this report is the observation method through which the data collected is observed to understand the problems faced in the E-voting system in Bangladesh. By u sing the observation strategy the data collected from the internet sources are analyzed to provide an outcome of the research in the forms of results and findings of the research. How will you collect and Analysis the Data Data collection is one of the major and the most difficult task for any researcher. Data is collected in two different ways. In the first way the data is collected from the primary sources through direct interviews and questionnaires. In the second method the data is collected from the secondary sources like, internets, books, journals etc. In this research the primary as well as secondary method of data collection is used. People have been as questions about the communication problem of the management in implementing the e-voting system and some data is being collected by studying several articles and journals that provides information about the e-voting system in Bangladesh and what problems are generally faced by the voting committee of Bangladesh in conducting a fare voting in the country that is fraud and corruption free (Haque, Azad and Rahman, 2010). Several journals have been studied and data collected are sampled out to provide proper analysis on the provided topic. Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Here in this research several types of statistical analysis have been made to find out the results of the analysis. Descriptive statistics method is a way of statistical analysis in which proper information is provided about the conditions discussed in the research. The descriptive method helps to provide statistical analysis of the group of data in the form of standard deviation and measures of central tendency. It helps to analyze the dependency and independency of the data and variables collected in conducting the research study (Denham, 1979). It helps to provide proper information on the given data and variables that helps the researcher to provide ample information on the given study. It does not provide any boundation on the data and variable populations that has been used in the research to provide the analysis. The population can be large or small depending on the research topic that has been used. But in this research the data collected is sampled with the help of probabili stic and non-probabilistic sampling method depending on the importance of the data to analyze the situation on the given topic (International Journal of Social Research Methodology: Theory Practice, 2012). Therefore in this research the inferential statistical method of analysis has been used to conduct the research analysis. Data Collection, Analysis and Interpretation Research study or hypothesis depends on proper collection of data and analysis of data. It is the most important part of hypothesis. This is because the entire outcome of the research depends on the data collected and how the researcher analysis the collected data. This section is divided into three sub-sections that will make the procedure easier to understand. Data Collection In this research the data is collected by secondary method by using the internet sources and social networking sites. People have been asked questions about the major issue faced by the e-voting system in Bangladesh that is the communication problem among the members of the voting committee for proper to know what people think about the system and the communicational strategy of the committee about implementing the e-voting system. Data collected are arranged with the help of spreadsheet and converted into variables for proper analysis (Goel and Blair, 1979).The data are converted into variables by proper sampling method. As it is know that the data collection involves a huge population therefore a proper data sampling technique has been used to arrange the variables for analysis. It is important for the researcher to identify proper data and describe it and summarize the data appropriately for representing the research report properly. Data Analysis After the collection of the data comes the analysis. It is important for the researcher to understand the relationship between the variables and make a comparative study with the different variables collected for analysis (Richter and Blair, 1980). Through a proper comparative study the researcher can identify the differences between the variables and forecast the outcome of the studies. For doing this statistical analysis have been made with the collected data to know the measures of the central tendencies, standard deviation and correlation among the variables. For doing the statistical analysis the SPSS analytical tool can be used that helps to find the dependency and independency of the variables. Hence, for completing the hypothesis and forecasting the outcomes, descriptive analysis has been done in this report. Data Interpretation As it is know that interpretation is the process of adding meaning to the variables and data presented in the report. Numbers dont speak and provides the outcome of the report. It is important to interpret the data and variables represented in the research report with the help of words, graphs and tables. In the research study the data and variables will be represented with the help of descriptive analysis and proper graphs and tables will be presented to support the data and variables (Goel and Blair, 1979).This graphs and explanations help to interpret the findings of the research study. The interpretation of the data helps to provide outcomes and provides the learning of the research. The interpreted data is used to provide proper recommendation to the management team or the voting committee to solve the problems of communication for proper implementation of the e-voting system in Bangladesh to remove the fraudulent in the voting system. Literature Review Communicational Problems Affect the E-voting System For successful completion of a specific project it is always needed to analyze the problem related to the project and try to find the relative answers according to solve the problems. In this project it has been seen that the communication among the people in Bangladesh proves to be a vital issue for E-voting system (Sarker and Uddin, 2014). As voting was done in the traditional way in the said country therefore to try a new voting system will be very tough at first. To start the E-voting system first of all people have been needed to make understand about the whole procedure. Also, a large number of manpower is also needed to complete the work (Richter, 1980). However here comes the main issue of communication. In Bangladesh most of the people are living in village areas and therefore to reach them in any situations proves very much demanding at times. Also, the literacy rate here in Bangladesh is very low (Voting Agreement or Voting Trust? A Quandary for Corporate Shareholders: Cor porations. Voting Trusts. Intercorporate Voting Agreement, 1958). The application of global internet is limited in urban sectors of Bangladesh while the rural people are very much below poverty level. So, the issue of communication becomes one of the hardest problems to face to apply E-voting in the country. Additionally, people are not so much interested here to the political issue as they are mostly unaware of the politics due to rural systems (Green-Armytage, 2014). The countryside people earns their living mainly by farming and fishing. Therefore it will be very hard to start the process. Also the national language of the country being Bengali the people here are mostly known this language only (Sarker and Islam, 2013). So, for the purpose of the cause one have to employ more and more Bengali knowing people by providing them enough training and support. In the past years here in Bangladesh the voting percentage is very low and due to the ignorance and mostly for the communicatio n gaps people here are not able to vote for the cause of the country. The area of voting always becomes a critical part for the country as no possible measures can help to improve the percentage of voting (Leech and Leech, n.d.). Not only the communicational problem is affecting the issues but also there are several more problems yet to be analyzed and to be solved. Since the independence of the country Bangladesh is a very poor country. The country has to face floods like natural calamities and that also does not help the cause. No specific industrial model is set up in the country (Goel and Blair, 1979). The civilians are therefore have to get the living mainly by farming and fishing in the rural areas. Therefore the poverty of the country does not help the people to adopt new functions. Besides, the illiteracy count since the independence is a lot higher. That also hinders to implement new computerized system in this country (Richter and Blair, 1980). From the history one can kno w that Bangladesh has been indulged in many civil wars and that is also one of the reasons why the country is so much backward in economic as well as educational sectors. Communication Strategies to Implore the System After all the analysis the first important thing is to help the civilians to be educated and show them the importance of education. Additionally, the improvement of science and technology is needed to be understood by the country people. Internet literacy as well as internet facility has to be arranged to promote E-voting system in the country (Voting Agreement or Voting Trust? A Quandary for Corporate Shareholders: Corporations. Voting Trusts Interoperate Voting Agreement, 1958). Through several campaigns and workshops the importance of the E-voting has to be told to the general people. The duty of voting and the importance of it have to be discussed in front of the crowd. The people must have been encouraged to participate in the political issues and also teach them to understand the E-voting system (Bangladesh voting project nears completion, 2008). The process is hard though but not impossible. It will take time to initiate the E-voting in the country. However if the group can me et the common people and encourage them day to day basis the future can be changed and the system of new voting techniques can be implemented in the country. Of course the time will prove to be a vital factor to implore the total project (Faisal, Hossain and Bhuiyen, 2014). The management has to observe each of these stated factors to make E-voting possible in Bangladesh. New Research Questions After conducting the research some new questions have been developed that will increase the interest of the readers. The new research questions are as follows (Imam, 2012): How can communication strategy be developed to meet up the problems of the E-voting system? Will the new communication strategy be effective in solving the problem? What more technical development can be implemented in the system? How to develop the system in a better way to exclude the communicational problems? Will Bangladesh be able to stop the fraudulent in the voting system of the country by implementing the new system and strategy? Conclusion The research studies about the problems faced by the E-voting system due to the lack of proper communication among the management team of the voting committee and the technical fault of the committee. It has been found that though the committee uses the advance technology of EVM, but still yet it faces some causes of fraud due to corruption and communicational problem in the manual system of the voting committee. The entire report is presented on knowing the actual problem of communication and how can this problem be solved to implement the e-voting system to reduce the occurrence of fraud in the voting system of Bangladesh. The committee must take proper technical steps to exclude the lack of communication in the E-voting system of Bangladesh. References Bangladesh voting project nears completion. (2008).Biometric Technology Today, 16(7-8), p.12. Davenport, H. (1967). Research versus Teaching: A Research Proposal.BioScience, 17(3), pp.156-156. Denham, W. (1979). RESEARCH DESIGN AND RESEARCH PROPOSAL CHECKLISTS.Anthropology News, 20(4), pp.9-11. Faisal, M., Hossain, M. and Bhuiyen, M. (2014). Design and Implementation of Electronic Voting System (EVS).IOSRJEEE, 9(5), pp.56-63. Goel, M. and Blair, H. (1979). Voting, Caste, Community, Society: Explorations in Aggregate Data Analysis in India and Bangladesh.The American Political Science Review, 73(4), p.1171. Green-Armytage, J. (2014). Direct voting and proxy voting.Constitutional Political Economy. Haque, M., Azad, J. and Rahman, J. (2010). Critical Appreciation of Power System in Bangladesh.Bangladesh Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 45(3). Imam, M. (2012). Ethics in the Judiciary System of Bangladesh.Bangladesh Journal of Bioethics, 1(2). International Journal of Social Research Methodology: Theory Practice. (2012).International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 15(6), p.ebi-ebi. Leech, D. and Leech, R. (n.d.). Voting Power and Voting Blocs.SSRN Journal. Nasreen, B. (2003). Bangladesh / Bangladeshthe present situation, problems and solutions in the legal system related to corruption control.Revue internationale de droit pnal, 74(1), p.469. Richter, W. (1980). Voting, Caste, Community, Society: Explorations in Aggregate Data Analysis in India and Bangladesh. By Harry W. Blair. New Delhi: Young Asia Publications, 1979. xvi, 199 pp. References, Index. $12.00.The Journal of Asian Studies, 39(04), p.850. Sarker, M. and Islam, M. (2013). Management of Sustainable, Credible and Integrated Electronic Voting (E-Voting) System For Bangladesh.Management of Sustainable Development, 5(1). Sarker, M. and Uddin, D. (2014). Electronic Voting Algorithm and Its Algebraic Formation.International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology, pp.26-33. Schuessler, K. (1969). Covariance Analysis in Sociological Research.Sociological Methodology, 1, p.219. Voting Agreement or Voting Trust? A Quandary for Corporate Shareholders: Corporations. Voting Trusts. Intercorporate Voting Agreement. (1958).Stanford Law Review, 10(3), p.565.