Friday, February 14, 2020

Roe v. Wade Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Roe v. Wade - Essay Example When most people speak disapprovingly of the Roe decision, they base their objections purely on moral grounds; but scholars, lawyers and especially judges who condemn the decision should only do so based on constitutional grounds in addition to voicing their moral objections. The argument against the decision should address the 9th Amendment which states, â€Å"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.† Those opposed have said that the ninth, or any other amendment, does not specifically mention abortion, therefore, the Constitution is not applicable when attempting to determine the legality of abortion rights. This opinion, however, very obviously contradicts the short and to the point statement that is the Ninth Amendment which clearly encourages the recognition of abortion and all other rights over and above what is contained in the Constitution. Just because the word ‘abortionâ⠂¬â„¢ does not appear, the Constitution is still the origin of legal precedence for this issue as it is for all other civil rights cases. Those that criticize the Roe decision have complained that the nation’s founders used general terms to frame the Constitution and did not intend for the ambiguous use of the word ‘rights’ to include the right to an abortion. They further propose that those who ratified the Constitution were ‘God-fearing’ men who would have opposed the practice. Even if this argument could be proved valid on a constitutional basis, the inference that the Founders were wholly opposed to the practice is probably inaccurate.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Paul Smith Logo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Paul Smith Logo - Essay Example The design would consider the size shape and orientation of every element constituting the logo. The color would emphasize on the variations and the meanings when interpreted. The analysis would also focus on the message communicated by the trademark, the context on which they apply and use (Meroni & Sangiorgi 2011). Design The layout of the logo displays a number of variant characters, each acting to form a coherent structure of the emblem. The orientation of every element of the logo displays a convergence of meaning and its intent to the appreciator. The name â€Å"Paul Smith† is indicated at the central position of the logo and occupies a better area of the logo indicating that the writing is one of the main reasons for the logo. For instance, the average range of the area occupied by the writing is 40 – 75%. The proportion of the writing depends on the item onto which the logo is embedded. The writing is the main feature that whoever sees the logo would acknowledge (Middleton C & Herriott 2007). The writing and the background of the logo is modified to attain a rectangular shape. The length of the rectangular shape containing the logo is about twice the breadth. According to Harvey 2005, the disparity in proportionality is critical to show the main intent of the sign. The logo graphics are variant and have either posed the logo in two dimensions or three. The woven logo tends to have depressions forming the three dimensional aspect whilst the printed or painted signatures express two dimensionality. The front styles and sizes are different but maintain conspicuous nature and visibility to attract attention of the eyes. Placement on websites and advertising has been easing by the logo since the logo tends to communicate all the information about the company. The logo has a rich visual text relationship because the logo design has ensured that the name is extremely visible. The logo has ensured maximum visibility through the difference between the color used in writing and the background. Concerning the expression of the logo, the emblem symbolizes the general nature according to its structure. Firstly, the name on the logo is hand written in spite of any graphics used in improving it. The writing indicates simplicity and normalcy of the company products. The logo tends to display the sense that even the best things of the world originate from the simplest items. Color The logo exposes an extreme complexity in color since it appears in a multicolor system. The logo was designed to express a total of twenty eight colors. Nonetheless, the colors have then been trimmed to fourteen in number. Basically, the logo depends on the occurrence of two contrasting colors. The numerous colors are also critical on the logo because the design intends to address many persons in the world and who also have variant preferences. Thus, an individual must get the preferred color (Harvey 2005). The variation of the colors composing the emblem ranges from slight difference to the most conspicuous differences. The difference in colors appears in a system exposing the particular color and the partial concentrated color of a similar nature either besides it or at a different point of the logo. The logo symbolizes the basic components of a fashion emphasizing that a fashion depends on the difference between two materials provided that the arrangement of the items is logical. The logo takes different