Monday, September 9, 2019

Simulated Chinese restaurant summarize Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Simulated Chinese restaurant summarize - Essay Example It was observed that the mode of advertising was modeled on the common usage of both posters and flyers in both restaurants. In addition, Red Lantern has adopted A La Carte Menu arrangement (Campbell & Campbell 2006). Decorations at the hotel, and store layout were very incorporative of the Chinese decorations and culture. There are a number of issues we could address to draw differences in the hotels. For instance, in considering the modes of making payments, we found that Red Lantern made offered three meals at a price of $12.50 (Roberts 2002). On the other hand, Hotel Hunan had the same offer of three meals at a price of $14.00. The difference in prices between the two hotels is a margin of $1.50. From this, we could conclude that Red Lantern is much cheaper and more economical given all its other services are top notch and excellent. In addition, the two hotels were similar in the aspect of service delivery. They have adopted use of banquet style serves. Another important similarity that is key to both restaurants is that they have both adopted use of Chinese music (Campbell & Campbell 2006). Red Lantern and Chopsticks restaurants also have their differences. To start with, Chopsticks offers both Japanese and Chinese foods in its menu. Red Lantern, on the other side offers only Chinese food in its menu. Another notable contrast is that Chopsticks has tried to set different prices for its adult and children customers. This is to ensure that the needs of each customer are taken into consideration and no one will fell oppressed. Red Lantern has no special prices for children and adult customers. Its prices are fixed for all customers. If we look at the promotion items on offers in each of the restaurants, Red Lantern promotes bubble tea and Tsingtao beer (Campbell & Campbell 2006). In hotel Chopsticks, there are no promotional items

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