Thursday, September 12, 2019

Geisha Girls In Japan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Geisha Girls In Japan - Essay Example The concept of geisha and geisha girls believed to be started from the 17 the century onwards in Japanese community even though the history of Japan shows that even in the 9 Th and 11th centuries some girls performed dances for warriors and other upper classes of the society. Young girls were forcefully sold into the geisha life by their families until the mid-20th century and their virginity was sold to the highest bidder. Prostitution was strongly associated with the geisha girls. Even the dance forms geisha girls perform were erotic and sex provoking. By tradition, Japanese society is not giving much importance to the one girl for one man concept. For them, sex was not a sin, but a much needed psychological need. It was quite possible for a person to have sex with the wife of another person if both of them were in love with each other. Japanese males had the habit of selecting their wives just for producing healthy children. They gave least considerations to the aspects of love an d sexual relationships when they selected their partners for marriage. The duty of the wives was childbearing and looking after of the children. Japanese males looked for geisha girls for their true sexual needs and love relationships. Thus geisha girls had more roles in Japanese male life than their wives. Moreover, they had more importance in Japanese social life also compared to the other normal females. The profession of geisha girls was considered as a glorified profession similar to the professions of current film celebrities.

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