Tuesday, August 13, 2019

What Exactly do Group Workers Do and What do Their Groups Seek to Coursework

What Exactly do Group Workers Do and What do Their Groups Seek to Achieve - Coursework Example However, with the advent of organizational set up in the twentieth century, both private and public companies encouraged teamwork for achieving the technical output as it demanded more scientific inquiry compared to yesteryears (Gerald Corey, 2007). This necessitated us to recruit more people for combined work or group work. Hence it is high time to analyze the desirable attributes of group workers for achieving success. The group workers are initially trained before taking up their main task in the areas of organizational skills, teamwork and coordination (Irvin D Yalom and Molyn Leszch, 2005). They will be made aware of the necessity of understanding the group requirements. The group worker would certainly understand the time frame and nature of his responsibility as part of the whole team (Gerald Corey, 2004). He would be assigned short-term targets and evaluation would be made at certain time intervals to assess his performance rate. The evaluation would also be made to ascertain whether his individual contribution is in proportion to the group requirement or not? At times, the group size may be very large and enhance there is need to divide it into subgroups. While making subgroups, some flexibility is to be given to select the subgroup. Of course, the care should be taken to ensure that the subgroup involves the homogenous mixture of persons from different specializations to look after the main technical work. To make it more specific, I would like to share my practical experience with working n some non-government or voluntary organizations. Voluntary organizations in which I had association work mainly for rural development. They aim at organizing the farmers and other rural poor for achieving higher net income by higher agricultural productivity.

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