Monday, August 12, 2019

Stress Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Stress Management - Assignment Example The responses to the stressor depict the developmental stages of these family members (Gradus et al., 2014). In perspective, the son is in early childhood development stage while the husband is in the old age stage. On the other hand, the daughter is middle-aged and the patient is in the adulthood stage of development. The RN determines whether the defense mechanism is harmful or helpful through the analyzing the symptoms of the client. For instance, in the denial stage, the client might start to act negatively like withdrawal from the public. Nursing diagnosis The mother is facing a risk for the post-trauma syndrome and it is emanating from the loss of her felinity coupled with social discrimination. The symptoms are grieving over her femininity loss. The husband is having a difficult time to cope with the family stress (Gradus et al., 2014). The ineffective coping comes from the family image due to the loss of femininity of the wife and symptoms are engaging in religious activities to cover up the family’s image. Further, the daughter is suffering from the readiness to enhance the family coping strategies. The situation comes up from the mother’s state and she wants to help her cope with the mastectomy stress. The case has characteristics of overindulging in her mother’s activities as a mechanism to help her cope. Moreover, the son has ineffective denial whereby he fails to agree to the mother’s situation and gets characterized by total refusal to concede to his mother’s situation.

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